About the ODHE Network

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UK Organisational Development in Higher Education Group founded in 1993 is a long standing community of practice and continuing professional development network.

Over 40 institutions are represented on the group which is comprised of higher education professionals engaged in organisational, cultural change and strategic development work supporting a range of HE sector priorities.

The network is independent and a self funded community. It costs £700.00 per year to join the group which offers three residential events and at each event 3 core themes are addressed: Strategy and the wider environment in HE, Tools and techniques, and CPD activity, linked to our own personal objectives

A typical agenda includes self-managed optional Special Interest Groups (SIG), which are held at 11:00 on Day 1 for 90 mins. Outcomes from SIG discussions are often shared with the whole group in the main meeting. Main programme sessions are usually led by a group member, making use of the considerable expertise across the group and invited guest speakers.

Networking time is built into each of the 24 hour’s meeting to allow for 1:1s and group discussion. Guest Speakers often join the group for dinner in the evening.

The group also engages in research projects, shares resources and materials for collaborative work and acts as a reference group for a range of Small Development Projects. The group is currently undertaking a JISC Developing Digital Literacies Project.

Information on how to join ODHEG.

Note: This blog is part of the digital literacies project, and is currently in emergent stage as the group learns the value of blogging. 


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